This is a project that I created to inspire and alleviate issues of global warming and safety caused by current conventional human-driven cars.   Atticus is a safe, sustainable and autonomous solution for urban transportation and an active lifestyle. It is designed to be ethically produced. This system counts on Vehicle to Vehicle ( V2V ) and Vehicle to Infrastructure( V2I ) communication, with human drivers 100% off the loop, so that a more deterministic approach to planning could be used, rather than a purely probabilistic one.



I hope that this project will inspire you. If you have questions,

suggestions, or ideas, drop me a note.

Paulo Camasmie

MS, Robotics

Catrike  founder


The very first ride

Very first ride of Atticus 4P (four passengers) model electric robotic car. On a quaint street in the US.

automated features

Light, pick up, paddle board rack, bike rack, doors opening. Thank you function all systems ending.

The voice commands are conceptual. Bonus video

going to the beach

Gearing up with paddle boards, paddles, and bikes.



Samantha Mattscheck 

When brought onto the team to create a branding for Atticus Motors I had recently graduated with a graphic design degree from the Academy of Art University. Living in the home base of start up company's of the Bay Area of California. Startups were something I have been wanting to get into. For me helping someone to start something from from day one to possibly become something great. 

This design is meant to be simple in design and look new age. Using only triangles to develop the logo, I wanted the logo to look 3 dimensional whether it was on paper or a website. Then to really pop with it's ridged edges when it was put onto a vehicle.Great enjoyment came from working on this project and I think the outcome is something that will overall be extraordinary and something for the future to look forward to.


Deven Row

I am currently a 6th term Transportation design student at Art Center College of Design. I placed second in the world wide designing for the future competition for Ford Motor company. I have received scholarship to attend ACCD for college to follow my passion of being a car designer! While working on the Atticus project my main goal was to keep the shape as pure as possible but still expressive. Through the design process I began with more of an organic feel but felt it was necessary to stick to the package. It became essential that I dial in on making a strong graphic for both front and rear without interrupting the simplicity of the form. and allowing Atticus to be what it was always intended for both interior and exterior.


Kevin Smit

Originally from Florida, Dutch American, and currently studying Automotive Design at ArtCenter In Pasadena, CA.


The inspiration for the design of Atticus came from the simplicity of what Paulo Camasmie envisioned it to be. Taking cues from successful brands that practice minimalism and applying them in a unique way and on a unique platform. The goal was to design an exterior that was functional over its styling, and the simplicity of its shape and surfacing clearly conveys that.

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The Atticus prototype is in the very able hands of the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida, for further developments in vehicle autonomy, V2V and V2I.

Please, feel free to contact them directly for questions and potential collaboration:

"Apply them constantly, to everything that happens: Physics. Ethics. Logic." 
Marcus Aurelius, and Gregory Hays. Meditations. New York: Modern Library, 2002.

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